Lee Turnbull, Former SCRD Area F Director

It was an honour to serve as Area F Director for twelve years.

In 2014 I chose not to run again as the Director for the West Howe Sound region of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. I am stepping back so that I can place more emphasis on my practice as a mediator, facilitator, dispute resolution systems design specialist, instructor and coach.

I am grateful for your support during the four terms that I have been sitting at the SCRD Board table, acting as your advocate for your interests. Please join me in thanking my Alternate Director, Joyce Clegg, for keeping me advised on island issues, and especially for doing a great deal of work on ferry issues. Thank you for keeping me informed about our community’s needs, and for working with me on the many regional and local community issues that have arisen.

I am very pleased to welcome Ian Winn as the new Rural Director for Area F.  You can reach him at iwinn<at>hotmail<dot>ca,  Phone 604 886-9475

I have great confidence in Ian’s ability to collaborate with other elected officials for the good of the region, and at the same time strongly advocate for the needs of the residents in Area F over the next four years.


Thank you to the hardworking SCRD staff, and to all the Sunshine Coast citizens who dedicate time to our community—volunteering with advisory committees, community associations, non-profit organizations and events—your efforts are appreciated.